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Should I Convert To All Digital Business Cards?

Digital business cards are a relativity new trend that replaces your paper-based business card and replaces it with a digital card.  It gives you a way to share and save contact information in real-time quickly. They are customized with your unique information and can be as detailed as possible.

When you are ready to share it, you would provide a URL, a QR Code, or embed it on your webpage. The recipient would click the link or scan the QR Code and access all your contact information.

Advantages Of A Digital Business Card

Many are calling it the modern business card for several reasons:

  • Saves Paper: The most common advantage is that you save the trees!  At Creative Orleans, we actually realized that we didn’t used our business cards as much as we thought we did and frankly they were going to waste.
  • Change Contact Information Quickly:  You ever get business card printed out, only to have some information change? Like a phone number, e-mail, or website address.  Now those brand new business cards are outdated.  With digital business card, you can update your information on the fly.
  • They Allow For Contactless Sharing:  Because online meetups and virtual events are part of our everyday life, virtual business cards are a staple for professional online networking.  You can share electronic business cards with anyone over email, text, or social media. You can even hold up a QR Code during a video call, and anyone in attendance can scan with a mobile device and access your contact information. 
  • More Cost Effective:  When we started to look at virtual business cards from our staff, we found that they were very cost effective.  We’d pay on average around $40 for a package of 200 business cards for one person whereas we now pay $20 for a digital business card for that same person.

How Do I Share A Virtual Business Card?

The beauty of having a virtual business card is that sharing is simple and can be done in several different ways.

  • Share With A QR Code: Recipients can use their mobile device to scan this code and gain access to your contact info. Embed the QR Code image in the background of video meetings so people can scan at their convenience.
  • Share Through Text Or Email: Your digital business card platform will have a share option, which means you can directly input emails and phone numbers and allow the mobile app to send your card automatically.
  • Embed In Your Email Signature: Using the link or QR code, you can include your virtual business card in your automated email signature.
  • Post The Link: Remember to include your electronic business card on all your social media accounts, your landing page, and anywhere industry peers or potential customers may be spending time.

The more accessible your digital business card is, the more likely your contact info will end up in an address book that will lead to a sales lead or new business contact.

Our Experience With Creating Digital Business Cards?

While there are several companies that allow you to create a digital business card, we settled on HiHello.  It was simple to setup and you can have several free cards to try out before you upgrade to more features.  We also found it easy to share via QR Code, text message, or e-mail.  Our plan is to switch all our staff from paper to all digital this year.  Contactless sharing, saving money, and keeping our information updated were high on our feature list and digital cards were able to help with that.

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