6 Tips for Designing a Perfect Brochure


A brochure is a publication consisted of one folded page, or several pages stitched together but not bound. It features a variety of information about a company, an event, a product and a campaign.

We should always make sure our brochure is unforgettable, interesting and would attract the customer. It should be persuading and embrace valuable information.

So in order to make it easier for the designer to make a brochure, we provided some of the tips every designer should follow:

1. Know your goal perfectly

You should know its aim. Why am I doing it? To make a good brochure you should know its purpose to be on the right track and deliver the idea properly to the audience.

Set Your Goals


2. Be innovative

First thing you should focus on is the design, because you want that brochure to be perceived even if it was stumbled between thousands of other leaflets. So make it special and creative.

Be Innovate

3. Font prevention

Always make sure to follow the same font you choose to use it in the entire brochure. Some companies have their own font. If that is available then follow the company’s font. You can add one or two to spice it up.

Font Preventation

4. Talk briefly and concisely

Always remember I’m writing a brochure not a book. Focus on the point that interest the reader. Avoid talking much about unneeded information. Make sure that the readers of the brochure will easily grip what you’re delivering to them.

Be Innovate

5. Make it simple

Avoid big fuzzy words in your brochure; don’t think by using them you will make it better but on the contrary, you will worsen it. After all, the readers won’t be interested in something they won’t understand it.


6. Give clear information for the readers to respond

Make sure to include in you brochure your contact information, website, name and email of your business.

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