Register For NOLA Tech Week 2018

NOLA Tech Week 2018

NOLATech Week is back for its sixth year!  The weeklong, city-wide, (un)conference, powered by you, will take place from October 8-12, 2018!

NOLATech Week’s mission is to highlight growth and bring New Orleans’ residents and local business owners together with the startup community to showcase the innovative technology along with the city’s culture, music, and arts.

NOLA Tech Week

“Over the past five years, NOLATech Week has focused on featuring all of the incredible organizations and businesses that make up our local cultural landscape,” said NOLATech Week Founder and 52businesses CEO, Jason Seidman. “Our mission, as always, is to spark conversations that contribute to the meaningful long-term growth of our emerging industries, and showcase those already established in New Orleans.” “NOLATech Week is a community-curated conference that features events from startups, non-profits, and Fortune 100’s alike; as long as the events are free and  open to the public, they’ll be featured during the week.”

Since NOLATech Week began in 2013, 600+ businesses and organizations have come together to host 500+ events with 10,000+ attendees, from all 50 states and ten different countries.

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